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We're the smart choice PSL for 500+ UK companies


A Smarter Way To Recruit

Post & Place is a neutral vendor for 1500+ recruitment agencies across the UK. We are, in short, the ultimate PSL. For recruitment agencies, we're a priceless business development tool. Everyday, we add new live jobs to the marketplace for our recruiters to work on.

For companies that are hiring, we're the most efficient outsourced recruitment tool. With 1500+ specialist recruiters in our network, our talent reach is unparalleled. Post & Place's fully account managed (free) service, improves speed of hire whilst also reducing costs and hassle!

How It Works

  • Hiring Company Sets The Recruitment Fee On Offer

    Companies that are hiring post their vacancies to the marketplace. Along with the job details, the company sets the maximum fee that they will pay a recruiter on successful placement.

  • Recruiters Send Suitable Candidates

    Specialist recruiters interested in the role (and the fee!) can apply to work it. Once engaged, they can start submitting suitable candidates.

  • On Hire, Employer Pays The Successful Recruiter

    The hiring company can move candidates through their interview process as normal. Should they go on to hire a candidate, they simply pay the recruitment fee (that was fixed at the start) to the successful recruitment agency.